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  PopSpots: 291 Gallery (art gallery) - 291 Fifth Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets, NYC.

Steiglitz at 291.

The galleries in 1906.

Interior shot of 2 of the three rooms.

Map of 291 Fifth.

291 is the 5th building from the left. There are 8 buildings on the block. The Gallery had three rooms on the top floor from 1905-1908. They were right across from Edward Steichen's apartment. The gallery officially opened on November 24, 1905. The first non-photo exhibit was in 1907.

It closed in April, 1908 and was taken over by a ladies tailor shop.

A friend provided the money to open a 15 X 15 foot gallery across the corridor from the old Gallery in late 1908. It was technically in #293 Fifth (a wall had been taken down) but Steiglitz kept the name as 291.

It soon began to focus on modern art. including works by Picasso, Rodin, and Matisse.

In 1916 Steiglitz met Georgia O'Keefe.

It closed the next year in 1917, 2 months after the US declared War on Germany.

Steiglitz would later return to the New York and run galleries: The one-room Intimate Gallery Room 303 Anderson Galleries Building at Park Avenue and 59th Street (from 1925-1929; then "An American Place" in 1929 (in the 17th floor of a building at 509 Madison Avenue) which was open till his death in 1946.

291 Fifth Avenue (below)

From further back.

From German Wikipedia - "291 exterior view before 1913"


From the Back Window, 291 (1915)

The Terminal (1892)

The Steerage (1907)

The Flatiron Building (1905)

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