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 The Lily Apartments - Edward Hopper (1926, watercolor, Whitney Art Museum)

The Painting.

The location of this site came from the Whitney Museum, as found in their book "Hopper Drawing" by Carter E. Foster. (Whitney/Yale). Much of the research for this entry came from Marie Fotini.)

The actual apartments circa 1932. (Now demolished.)

The address was 23 Market Street (thin side) and 62 Henry Street (long side.)

A close-up of the top.

A comparison with the painting. Notice that Lilly is spelled with two "L"s.

The lot where the Lilly once stood, from 1932. It's on the right, across from the church. (NYPL 1932)

The billboard (with Hebrew writing on Hopper's painting). The lot where the Lilly once stood is labelled.

So you can see the billboard better, here's the 1932 view, again, as found on the New York Public Library digital archives site.

This is where Hopper painted from. The southern walkway on the Manhattan Bridge.

What that looked like. Notice the same details on the railings.

The Google Street view view from that location.

A view from that location from 1935 by Mark Nadir.

(photo by Mark Nadir)

Where the Lily Apartments were on a map of the "Two Bridges" area of Manhattan, at the intersection of Market Street and Henry Street.

And where the Lily Apartments were on a map of downtown Manhattan.