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  BLONDE ON BLONDE - Lookalikes around the Meatpacking District

The building fits the bill closest in terns of brick color, windows, and grates. (844 Greenwich at Gansevoort)

Here it is from another angle at night, with a similar BLONDE ON BLONDE shot

This is a nice 2 story yellow building. (428 West 13th Street)

A good example of the grates nearby. (334 West 13th, east of Hudson)

Charles Lane is a photogenic street and has a lookalike building on it.

Another shot of Charles Lane, looking west.

This is a building at approximately 15 Charles Lane that has a similar configuration of windows as in the BLONDE cover: the window to the right is centered between the ones on the left.

A panoramic shot of what I think is 15 Charles Lane..

A lot of apartment buildings have entrances like this, with yellow brick, and sometimes grates. This happens to be on Riverside Drive at 102nd Street. But none I've found have walls just two stories tall.

This apartment building at 416 Bleecker at Abington Square, which is about 4 blocks from the Meatpacking District, has a brick pattern that somewhat close to that of BLONDE.

Here's a close up.

Here's another building, somewhere else, with a similar patter.

ThIs lot, on Perry Street, a few blocks from the Meatpacking District, shows how the reflection from the west (the the right) bounces of the windows and shines on the building to the right, as does the light in BLONDE. You can see several light frame in the brick to the right of the center greenery.

Here's a similar lot at Hudson and Dominick, which if further south in western Soho.


This shows the reflection of window pains over a one story building. It's a little street called Weehawken Street one block from the West side Highway at Christopher Street.

Here's the reflection from another angle. In this case it did not go over a one story building, it went to the side of a two story building.

Here's another light reflection shot. This is at 21st and the West Side Highway.

And closer on that.

Here's the kind of space behind a one story building where Dylan might have been standing. It's at the corner of Leroy and the West Side Highway.

Here's the front of the building on the West Side Highway.

Another example of a vacant lot that looks like the space: 168 11th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd.

This is a Sanborn Map of the Upper Meatpacking Area ending on 14th street.

Here's a Sanborn map of the lower Meatpacking area.

And here's an aerial shot of the Meatpacking District from 1966, the year of Blonde on Blonde.

You can get good overhead views of the Meatpacking District from the new Whitney Museum..

Jerry Schatzberg wrote once that the photo "where the art galleries are today." Here's where most of the art galleries are today. And also, where The Meatpacking District is in relation to them.

Here's an old shot that shows a 2 story yellow building with a grated window, but this is on the last side, on South Street just above the Manhattan Bridge. It's been demolished, but looks intriguing.

Another 2 story building from the East Side, now demolished: 110 Ridge Street at Irvington.

If, in 1966, they drove further downtown to take the shot, they might have taken it in the Washington Market area, or among that the 13 blocks of buildings that were taken down to build the World Trade Center. The area north of that would later be called Tribeca. (for the Triangle Below Canal (Street))

BLONDE was probably shot between Dec. 1965 to Feb. 1966 so that as 1 or 2 months before demolition,

From Wikipedia: In March 1965, the Port Authority began acquiring property at the World Trade Center site. Demolition work began on March 21, 1966, to clear thirteen square blocks of low rise buildings in Radio Row for construction of the World Trade Center. Groundbreaking for the construction of the World Trade Center took place on August 5, 1966.

The Tribeca area in 1966 from above.

Moving South from Tribeca in 1966, the photo could have been done where the world trade center area is now. The other photo of Dylan (on Jacob Street in a white scarf in the center fold of Blonde on Blonde) was taken just about 1/2 mile east of this area.