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  Dylan on Jacob Street

Here's an excellent, wide shot of Dylan on Jacob Street that I have not seen in its entirety before. This is a photograph taken by Jerry Schatzberg in the winter of 1965-1966.

It's an outtake of the photo shoot on Jacob Street (near the Brooklyn Bridge) that produced this similar shot (2nd from right) for the interior of Blonde on Blonde.

It was the same session that produced this photo (that was printed in reverse) on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

This was the PopSpot I made of the photo, having found a photo of Jacob Street in the New York Public Library online digital files. (The background photo was taken in the 1930's, as I recall. The area was full of tanneries and smelled awful. On the new, wide photo we can clearly see the world HIDES in the top right. )

I had this cropped version of the new photo in my files.

Here again is the background of Jacob Street.

In this photo from a 1930's WPA photographer, taken from about 50 feet further back than the last photo, we can see better where Dylan was standing, which was likely next to the furthest left of the four large dark arches on the right side.

In the top left of this picture is a shot of Jacob Street taken from the opposite direction. In the background is a support column for the Brooklyn Bridge. By matching up the red and yellow rectangles, we can see where Dylan was standing from this direction.

This entire are area is part of a large apartment complex for the elderly. But, if you go there, you can basically figure out where Dylan was standing by matching up the support beam of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.