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  Tempest by Bob Dylan - Album Cover Location - Vienna, Austria

The album cover. (courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment; cover photo: Alexander Längauer)

The site of the album cover photo location. The sculpture of the woman is part of the fountain of Pallas Athene outside of the Parliament building in Vienna, Austria. It is on the side of the fountain facing the Parliament.

(photo: Bigstock)

Superimposing the album over over the statue.

(photo: Bigstock)

This is a close up of just the image on the album. In the sculpture, the woman depicts the Vitava River (aka Moldau River), one of the four main rivers in Austria.

(photo: Bigstock)

Here's a wider view of the side of the fountain with the woman on it from Google Earth.

(Google Earth)

This is a shot of the other side of the sculpture, with the Austrian Parliament building in the background. The fountain was sculpted by Carl Kundmann between the years 1893 and 1902. The four groups of sculptures around Pallas Athene depict the four principal rivers of Austria: the Vitava, The Elbe, the Inn, and the Danube.

(From Flickr Commons; photo by Fatbooo)

I didn't have to do much searching to find this sculpture. As soon as the album was announced the source of the photo was written about on lots of Dylan sites. I found them just by typing "tempest cover dylan" into Google.

And once I found out the name, I could find many images of the fountaion from different angles on Google Images by typing in "pallas athene vienna."

But because the depicted woman did not face the street, it was a little bit hard to find an image of her in the sculpture via Google Maps and Google Earth, but I eventually did, and I will show you how to find it yourself below.

One last thing: none of the Dylan sites seem to know exactly why Dylan chose this particular photograph of this particular woman of this particular statue.

As for the color of the album, there is a song called Scarlet Town on the album, and that may have something to do with the scarlet (a shade of red) color on the front. In addition, a "scarlet woman" is a metaphor for a "fallen" woman, as in the book The Scarlet Letter, and that may also be behind the album image and color. For example, in the song Soon After Midnight on Tempest, Dylan sings, "Charlotte's a harlot/dresses in scarlet." And Dylan also rhymes "scarlet" with "harlot" on the song Jokerman. But other than that, my friends, the answer is, as usual with Dylan, a-blowin' in the wind.

This is how you can find the location of the album cover photo using Google Maps and Google Earth:

The statue is located in Vienna, Austria.

To get to where you can zoom in on the sculpture, you should use Google Earth. Type in "parlament vienna austria" into the search field. (Note: they don't spell parliament with an "i" in Vienna.")

Once Google Earth leaves you "hovering" over downtown Vienna, zoom down and stop next to the "Parlament" Building.

When you do, you will see a series of bubblles. Choose the one with the fountain in it.

This will take you to the picture we saw before. Then you can zoom in for a close up look.

You can also get there through Google Maps, but once there, you have to search through different pictures of the fountain until you find the sculpture of the Tempest woman.

Go to Google Maps; then type in "parlament vienna austria." (note: English writers, leave out the "i" in Parliament.) When you get above Vienna, zoom down to the Parliament building.

Then zoom in closer to the fountain between Parliament and the road.

At this point, on Google Maps in some countries, you can zoom into the street, but here you can only see photos. To get to the photos, HOLD and DRAG the little man on the TOP LEFT toward the fountain. (see illustration below)

The result looks like this. Click your way through the little photos until you find one like this, that shows the side of the fountain facing the Parliament.

Here's a vertical shot of the sculpture....

...and a final shot of the album overlayed again. Time to go -- I can hear that Duquesne Whiste blowin'...(but first check out the ADDENDUM below).


In the song "Duquesne Whistle" on Tempest, the train Dylan sings about seems to go through both Duquesne (pronounced: Dew-kane), Pennsylvania, once a major steel mill town, and Carbondale, Illinois (maps and photos below). Here's a short video of an AMTRAK train and a freight train rolling into Carbondale, shot by a train fan named the Colbytrainman.

The sound of the train's horn sometimes resembles the sound of the chords in the song. The freight train arrives at about 1:40 minutes in.

Duquesne - U.S. Steel Works on the Monongahela River, Pennsylvania, in its early to mid-1900's heyday.