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  POPSPOTS - PATTI SMITH - HORSES (1975) and other photos.

"I went to the Salvation Army in the Bowery and bought a stack of white shirts...Robert wanted to shoot it at Sam Wagstaff's, since his One Fifth Avenue penthouse was bathed in natural light. The corner window created a triangle of light, and Robert wanted to use it in the photograph....Sam's apartment was spartan, all white and nearly empty, with a tall avocado tree by the window overlooking Fifth Avenue...I flung the jacket over my shoulder, Frank Sinatra style...He took twelve pictures that day...Within a few days he showed me the contact sheet. "This one has the magic," he said." - Patti Smith from her book JUST KIDS.

(photo by Robert Mapplethorpe)

Sam Wagstaff in his apartment.

(photo by Arnold Newman)

The PopSpot.

(background photo by Arnold Newman)

Patti on the Bowery in front of CBGB in 1976 by the photographer Godlis.

(photo by Godlis;

In front of CBGB, 2012

The superimposed PopSpot.

(interior photo by Godlis)

The cover of Patti's autobiography, Just Kids. Patti and Robert Mapplethorpe are in Coney Island standing across the street from the Cyclone roller coaster.

(photo from the Patti Smith archive)

The Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island.

The combination PopSpot.

Patti at the bend of Minetta Street in the Village in 1974.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Minetta Street.

The Minetta PopSpot.

(inner photo by Frank Stefanko)

Patti with Dylan outside the Bitter End nightclub, Bleecker Street, New York City, 1975.

(unsure of photographer's name)

The Bitter End.

The PopSpot.

Patti and Robert Mapplethorpe in Washington Mews, a small street off 5th Avenue just below 8th Street, in 1977.

(photo by Kate Simon)

#4 Washington Mews: The door they were in front of.

The PopSpot.

(inner photo by Kate Simon)

From further back.

(inner photo by Kate Simon)

Another shot from that session.

(inner photo by Kate Simon)

Patti on Cornelia Street, just south of West 4th Street.

(photo by Danny Clinch)

Cornelia Street.

The PopSpot.

(inner photo by Danny Clinch)

Patti with fellow writer/musician Jim Carrol on Minetta Street.

The Location: 17 Minetta Street, New York.

Superimposing the past over the present.

Here's the gate way looked like around 1930.

Patti, just about three doors down Minetta Street, in a photo from 1974.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Panchitos: the back of the restaurant behind her. In the 1960's the restaurant was a coffee shop called The Commons. Dylan wrote "Blowin' in the Wind" there. There is another entrance to the left of the picture. The entrance that Patti is sitting on has been covered up.

Here she is.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Here's another nicely framed shot by Frank Stefanko of Patti, this time in front of 9 Minetta Street, taken in 1974.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Number 9 Minetta Street today.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Past meets present. In the ensuing years a large tree has grown in front of where Patti was standing.

(photo by Frank Stefanko)

Patti and Robert Mapplethorpe lived together in the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street. Before that, they lived just down the block from the Chelsea on the 2nd floor, just above what is now Jakes Saloon 206 West 23rd Street.

This is a close-up of their window.

At the time they were there the bar was called "The Oasis." You can see the sign out the apartment window.

Here's Robert standing close-by, from 1971. In back of him the sign reading "BAR & GRILL" is the Oasis sign.

(photo by Anton Perich)

Here's the street corner of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue in 1971. The Oasis and Horn & Hardart signs are both on the left side. . .

(photo by Robert Friedman 1971/Flickr)

. . .and here's the scene showing where the Bob and Patti photos fit in.

(background photo by Robert Friedman 1971/Flickr)

Here'a shot of Patti by David Gahr out on the fire escape in front of the Chelsea Hotel.

(photo by Dave Gahr)

Here's a shot showing the relationship of the "Oasis" apartment to the Chelsea Hotel, both on 23rd Street.

Robert Mapplethorpe took this well-known shot of Patti holding on to what used to be a factory radiator in a loft.

(photo by Robert Mapplethorpe)

It was taken next to the front window of the 5th floor loft that Robert Mapplethorpe later lived in at 24 Bond Street just east of Lafayette Street.

(Shout out to Jack Champlin, my wife's late cousin, who lived with his companion Dale Joe for over 50 years in the apartment with the window over the doorway on the right. In 1963 Andy Warhol made a short film called Rollerskate/Dance Movie with Fred Herko in the apartment.)

I once saw Patti at Carnegie Hall during a benefit concert for Tibet House, a non-profit that supports Tibetan culture. The photo is a combination of a photo of the hall before she went on, then a photo of her lit by the floodlights when she sang. (click photo to enlarge)

Here's a map of the places in Greenwich Village and the East Village mentioned in this entry.


A good shot from before 1980 of the restaurant on Minetta Street that Patti was sitting on the steps of. She was sitting in the right steps, which have now been covered over. (Thanks, Marie Fotini for sending this in)