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  Bob Dylan - Carnegie Chapter Hall

The inside of the Carnegie Chapter Hall on the 5th floor of Carnegie Hall. Dylan's first Carnegie Hall concert was here, produced by Izzy Young of the Folklore Center.

The picture of the Carnegie Chapter Hall comes from the book: Portrait of Carnegie Hall; A Nostalgic Portrait in Pictures and Words of America's Greatest Stage and the Artists Who Performed There, by Theodore O. Cron and Burt Goldblatt, MacMillan and Company, NY, 1966.

The concert was held November 4, 1961, just 11 months after Dylan first arrived in New York.

According to Clinton Heylin in his book: Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments, 53 tickets were sold, while the hall could have held 200. Whether that was average for that theater is unknown. According to Heylin, in the first half of the show Dylan played:

"Pretty Peggy-O"
"Black Girl (in the Pines)"
"Gospel Plow"
"1913 Massacre"
"Blackwater Blues"
"Young but Daily Growin'"
"FIxin' to Die"
"This Land is Your Land"

(Tapes for the second half of the concert have not been found.)

A close up of the stage.

Pictures of the Carnegie Chapter Hall room are rare. Here is one from the Carnegie Hall Archives of a calypso performance from 1956. You can CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT. (The name of the Calypso group is unknown.)

(photo courtesy Carnegie Hall Archives)

This is the flyer for the Dylan concert, as seen on many websites. . .

. . . but it was really a full sheet of paper, printed on both sides and folded in half into a program. Here's pages 1 and 4, the front and back cover.

. . . and here's the interior, pages 2 and 3.

The definition of a "Chapter Hall."

The Chapter Hall was just below the three tall windows in the tower on the left built above the Carnegie Hall Auditorium in this picture. Dylan would later take painting lessons in the artist spaces above Carnegie Hall in the tower. This is the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue, looking south toward Times Square.

Carnegie Hall before the tower.

There is a bootleg album of Dylan's songs recorded at this concert, but this picture is not from the concert.

An ad for the concert from the Village Voice (via advanced Google book/magazine search)

Here's the story about the concert from .

One used to go into the Weill Recital entrance at 154 West 57th Street to get to the Carnegie Chapter Hall. The Weill Recital Hall took up the 3th floor, the Weill Recital Hall Balcony took up the 4th floor, and the 5th floor was where the Carnegie Chapter Hall, and later the Kaplan Space, was.

Since Dylan's time, the Carnegie Chapter Hall space has been completely renovated and used for various purposes. After a major renovation in 1985, it was reborn for many years as the Kaplan Space (see photo below) and was used for rehearsals and recording.

The space changed again when the entire east side of Carnegie Hall was renovated (finishing in September 2014) as the Resnick Educational Center with 24 new spaces dedicated to music education. Today much of the space on the floor where the Chapter Hall was is a break room for the staff of Carnegie Hall. In addition, when the Education Wing opening in 2014, the floors were renumbered so the Carnegie Chapter Hall, later, the Kaplan Room, now the breakroom, is now the 6th floor.

Below: a photo taken in the Kaplan Space


A kid's music academy ("CarnegieKids") taking place in the former Kaplan Space.

A "Musicworks" program co-sponsored by The Juilliard School, Carnegie Hall, and the Weill Institute takes place in the former Kaplam Space.

About Kaplan Space, formerly the Carnegie Chapter Hall, from the New York Times, April 4, 1985.