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REAL MOMENTS - BY BARRY FEINSTEIN - The Classic Photo journal by the official photographer of the U.K./Paris leg of Bob Dylan's 1966 tour.

Rearranged into chronological order - with specific locations to the captions and modern day looks at some of the locations.

The front cover of REAL MOMENTS. (Photo taken in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 20, 1966) (often incorrectly listed as having been taken in London)

Barry Feinstein was the official photographer of the European section of Bob Dylan's World Tour of 1966. He later put many of his photos of the U.K. and Paris part of the tour together in a book called Real Moments. (Omnibus Press, 2008, Berlin).

The photos of the book are captioned but not in chronological order. Some of the captions are general, for example, "England" rather than "London." In some cases the town or venue have been mislabelled, the result of 42 years between the taking of the pictures in 1966 and the book's writing and publication in 2008.

We have done our best to caption the photos accurately according to the clues provided in the photos and the captions given. If you think we have mislabelled a picture, and have some other photo that can positively identify the location accurately, please contact us and we will change it.

Someday, we hope that Barry Feinstein's proofsheets of the tour are made available to researchers - which will greatly help in positively identifying the locations.

One of the biggest clues we used in organizing the photos was the various colors of Dylan's pants; some striped light, some striped dark, others just black. He also wore striped and checkered blazers and suits on various days.

If you see a blacked-out section on a page, that is usually a caption for a two-page spread on the next page. We took them off so you wouldn't confuse that caption with the one that refers to the photo on that page.

For the historical record, we have placed the photos in chronolocal order, made some captions more specific, and changed some of the captions after researching the locations. In listing the captions we have left off the "1966."

You can click on most of the photos to enlarge them.

Throughout the text we have included short descriptions of some events that took place on that particular day on the tour. The source of these is an entry by Johnny Black in the book Dylan: Visions, Portraits, and Back Pages by Mojo magazine (DK Publishers).

Barry Feinstein's photographs capture the intimate moments of one of rock's greatest tours and if you can get a chance to get the book, get it.

(researched by Bob Egan/PopSpots and Marie Fotini/Chief PopSpots European Correspondent)

Dylan, with Barry Feinstein (in cap) at Le Bourget airport outside Paris during the tour on May 22, 1966.

During his long career Feinstein photographed over 100 album covers including Dylan's The Times They Are a-Changin, Janis Joplin's Pearl, and George Harrison's All Things Must Pass.

The TOUR DATES for the European part of Dylan's world tour of 1966. (from Wikipedia)

May 2) DYLAN AND HIS BACKING GROUP ARRIVE IN LONDON WHERE BARRY FEINSTEIN JOINS THEN. They have already played Stockholm on April 29th and Copenhagen on May 1st, the day before.

Dylan's backing group during the England/France part of the tour consisted of most of the members from the band called Levon Helm and the Hawks, minus Levon who left part way through the tour because they were booed so often. Later, those members, including Levon, would become The Band.

The band that played behind Dylan consisted of Robbie Robertson, guitar; Rick Danko, Bass; Richard Manuel, piano; Garth Hudson, organist; and Micky Jones, the drummer who replaced Levon Helm.

Dylan and the group stay at the MAYFAIR HOTEL

(Johnny Black writes in Mojo Magazine) They meet Paul McCartney, Keith RIchards, and Brian Jones.

1966 Tour - United Kingdom. Numbered by city of date played.

This map shows the cities the band played in the U.K. in numerical order. They started in London after flying in from Copenhagen. They also ended in London.


(Black/Mojo: Press conference at the Mayfair Hotel. Dylan sits on the window sill. That night they go to Blaises with Keith Richards to see John Lee Hooker.

Dylan at the Mayfair Hotel press conference.

(Photo by Fiona Adams / Getty)

For more picture of Dylan at the Mayfiar Hotel press conference, including afterwards (or before) when he walked out onto the balcony, click here: (Thank you, PopSpots reader Alfredo Roccia for requesting to add the photos.)

(Photo by Fiona Adams / Getty)

In color, the scene looked like this . . .

Filmmaker Donn Pennebaker is in the background

During the day Dylan bought new outfits for the tour.

This two-page spread is Real Moments pages 16-17.

(Real Moments caption, on page 18, reads: London) (From now on the book Real Moments will sometimes be abbreviated as RM.)

Real Moments pages 18-19 (RM caption reads: London)

Real Moments pages 22-23 (RM caption reads: London)

Specifically he was in the Topper Shoes store (a.k.a. Toppers) located at 57 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, in the West End neighborhood near Leicester Square.

This photos shows evidence that this is a Toppers Store.

Dylan outside The Toppers store at 57 Shaftsbury Avenue, London.

May 5) DUBLIN (Ireland)

They play the Adelphi Theater.

Real Moments pages 44 - 45

(RM caption reads: Ireland) (It's specifically: Dublin)

pages 122-123 (RM caption reads: Dublin)

pages 128-129 (RM caption reads: Ireland) (It's specifically: Dublin)

pages 104-105 (RM caption reads: Ireland) (It's specifically: Dublin)


They play the ABC THEATER.

pages 12-13 (RM caption reads: Ireland) (It's specifically: The train from Dublin to Belfast between Ireland and Northern Ireland.)

pages 88-89 (RM caption reads: Ireland) (It's specifically: The train from Dublin to Belfast between Ireland and Northern Ireland)

pages 50-51 (RM caption reads: England) (It's actually Belfast, Northern Ireland - entering the ABC Theater)

pages 108-109 (RM caption reads : Royal Albert Hall) (It's actually The ABC Theater, Belfast) You'll see how we figured this below.

The sign to the back right of Dylan's head reads "Friend's Provident" . . .

. . .Marie's research found that that was located at 52-58 Howard Street in Belfast.

Here's what it looks like today.

Another clue that led to the location of this spot was the "griffin" - a birdlike gargoyle - which is circled.

Here is the theater from the other angle. You can also see where Dylan entered the theater.

The theater was originally called The Ritz. Its name was changed to ABC in 1963.

When it was The Ritz . . .

The ABC.

Inside, there is a massive "sea" of seats on the ground (and the balcony) that rise gradually from the front.

This is where Dylan was photographed as if crossing his arms to protect himself.

Here's a taller version of the photo. In this version you can see the small lamp on the wall of the theater, just past the top of the right aisle, which matches up with the photo from the "Ritz Belfast" that we found on YouTube. (This picture can also be found in the booklet from the CD box set "Bob Dylan Live 1966.")

Here's a picture of the stage.

Here is Dylan at the soundcheck with Mickey Jones, the drummer, on the left. Note how the individual seats have little numbers on the back of the seats in the center, just like in the photo where Dylan was photographed crossing his arms.

We think the three of them are sitting to the side of the organ in the above picture.

Although this photo has previously been attributed to being at the Royal Albert Hall, at that venue the seats aren't numbered in the center/back, and the seats on the floor do not rise slowly into the distance like those at the ABC. This is a picture of the inside of the Royal Albert Hall in London. The seats in the center of the bottom circle (the "arena" seats) are on a flat surface.

MAY 10) BRISTOL (England)


The only photos labelled "Bristol" in "Real Moments" are those taken the day after the concert on the way to Cardiff at the Aust Ferry. They are in that section below under Cardiff, since they were taken the day of that concert.

But we did find some pictures of Dylan taken by Barry Feinstein taken in Bristol and they are below.

This is a Barry Feinstein photograph of Dylan labelled as having been taken in Bristol on page 59 of the book Early Dylan: Photographs by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer, and Jim Marshall. It is not in Real Moments, nor is the next, similar, photo. But they easily could have been.

Here's another photo of Dylan by Barry Feinstein laebled as "Bristol." This photo comes from the inner sleeve of the CD of Bob Dylan: Live 1966.

MAY 11) CARDIFF (Wales)

During the day Dylan and his entourage drive from Bristol, England to Cardiff, Wales. In doing so they have to take the Aust Ferry which crosses over a large body of water called The Bristol Channel.

Dylan and the band play the CAPITOL THEATER.

Johnny Cash visits Dylan backstage in Cardiff.

Pages 98-99 (RM caption reads: Bristol) (It's specifically The village of Aust - about 10 miles north of Bristol. They are at the Aust Ferry dock. At that time The Aust Ferry took cars and people across the Bristol Channel on the way to Cardiff. The ferry has been replaced by a bridge.)

BOTH PAGES ARE AUST FERRY. The ferry used to run between Aust and Beachley.

pages 100-101 (RM caption, on page 99, reads: Bristol) (It's specifically the Aust Ferry in the village of Aust)

The Aust Ferry building and ramp from a distance (not from Real Moments) from before the bridge - that would later replace the need for the ferry - was built in the background.

Dylan and entourage

The Aust Ferry ticket building (Not from REAL MOMENTS)

The Aust Ferry Station (Not from REAL MOMENTS).

The ferry station has been abandoned since the new bridge in the background brings people over the bay. The color photo of the abandoned ferry station was taken in 1981 by Mike Lidgley. who sent it to PopSpots. Thank you, Mike.

Dylan (and friend and film director/producer Howard Alk next to car) at the Aust Ferry (photo by Barry Feinstein)

The Aust Ferry (superimposed)

(Background color photo by Mike Lidgley.)

Dylan and filmmaker Howard Alk after taking the Aust Ferry, on the other side of the Bristol Channel.

The photos are from the proofsheet on page 98 of Real Moments

A shot of just Dylan after crossing the Bristol Channel on the Aust Ferry.

This picture comes from page 33 of the booklet included in the CD for No Direction Home.

pages 28-29 (RM caption reads: Cardiff, Wales)

Johnny Cash visits backstage and duets with Bob at the Capitol Theater in Cardiff, Wales.

MAY 12) BIRMINGHAM (England)

The group plays the ODEON THEATER.

(Black/Mojo:) The Spencer Davis Group visits. Dylan is dressed in black. Afterwards, at midnight, they visit a haunted house in Worcestershire near Kidderminster.

pages 92-93 (RM caption reads: England) (It's specifically: Birmingham)

pages 116-117 (RM caption, on page 119, reads: Birmingham, 1966)

pages 26-27 (RM caption, on page 29, reads: Birmingham)

pages 30-31 (RM caption, on page 32, reads: Birmingham)

pages 86-87 (RM caption reads: England) (it's specifically: Birmingham on the right page picture; and Liverpool (Robert Street) on the bottom picture.

pages 14-15 (RM caption, on both pages reads: Birmingham)

pages 90-91 (RM caption reads: Birmingham)


They play the ODEON THEATER.

(Black/Mojo: Dylan has a photo/video session that he shares with some with local kids along Dublin Street. It is probably the next morning on May 15th on the way to Leicester.)

pages 102-103 (RM caption reads: Leicester) (it's probably Liverpool because in Leicester he was wearing a polka dot shirt, and this shirt matches the one he was wearing out in Dublin Street in Liverpool.)

pages 120-121 (RM caption reads: Leicester) (it's probably Liverpool because in Leicester he was wearing a polka dot shirt, and this shirt matches the one he was wearing out in Dublin Street in Liverpool.)

pages 6-7 (RM caption, in small letters next to Introduction, reads Dylan, Liverpool, 1966 Specifically, it's next to Dublin Street, while Dylan is being filmed tossing broken bricks from a demolishd building.)

pages 52-53 (RM caption reads: Liverpool)

pages 54-55 (RM caption, on page 52, reads: Liverpool)

pages 56-57 (RM caption reads: Liverpool)

pages 58-59 (RM caption reads: Liverpool)

pages 60-61 (RM caption, on page 58, reads: Liverpool.) (It's specifically: Saltney Street at Great Howard Street in Liverpool)

(The photo was taken in Liverpool: specifically Saltney Street (before a new building went up on the vacant lot). Howard Alk is holding the camera, right.)

Here's a color version of that shot from the trailer for No Direction Home.

The Google photo was also taken in Liverpool: specifically Saltney Street, one street over from Dublin Street.

Dylan on Saltney Street in Liverpool.

(The photo was taken on Dublin Street between Regent Street and Great Howard Street in Liverpool: from the proof sheet on page 59. photo by Barry Feinstein.)

(The Google photo was taken on Dublin Street in modern day Liverpool.)

(The photo was taken on Dublin Street in Liverpool.)

This photo was taken on Dublin Street in Liverpool by Barry Feinstein. A similar shot can be found on the proof sheet on page 59 of Real Moments.

Here's the entranceway they were in. (The Google Street View photo was taken in Dublin Street in Liverpool.)

Here's a close-up of the group in the entranceway. (Thank you Johnny Fewings for the background shot).

An outtake from the session.

(An overview of the Dublin Street - Saltney street area, showing where several of the photos were taken.)

The Beatles were also photographed on Dublin Sreet - in 1962.

(An overview showing Dublin Street in relation to central Liverpool.)

(A map showing the automobile route from Liverpool to Leicester.)

MAY 15) Morning - they drive from Liverpool to Leicester.

pages 124-125 (RM caption on page 124 reads: England) (It's specifically: Liverpool: Robert Street)

(page 125, proof sheet right, starts with leaving hotel in Liverpool; then it moves to Robert Street - Dylan clutching magazine (Liverpool on the way to Leicester); then backstage in Leicester.)


This shows the approximate location of Dylan on Robert Street in Liverpool. (Location found by Marie)

Before Dylan got to that location on Robert Street, he took some pictures with people further up the street. All the buildings on the side of the road that Dylan was on have been taken down.

Close-up on proof sheet, page 125, that show photos from the MIDLAND HOTEL, Liverpool, to Robert Street, just outside central Liverpool.)

Closer up on proof sheet showing Dylan leaving the Midland Hotel in Liverpool with the newspaper in his hand.

Entrance of the Midland Hotel, Liverpool, that was seen in last photo.

MAY 15) LEICESTER (England)

Dylan and the group play DeMONTFORT HALL.

(Black/Mojo There is a slow-clapping incident during the show.)

DeMontfort Hall today, Leicester.

pages 94-95 (RM caption, on page 97, reads: England. It's specifically Leicester.)

From the PROOF SHEET on page 125 of RM; Dylan in the Leicester dressing room before the show

pages 4-5 (RM has no location caption) (it's actually Leicester)

Here's a photo of the Beatles in the same dressing room in Leicester that Dylan was photographed in the picture above. Notice the floral print of the wallpaper in both photos.

pages 66-67 (RM caption reads: England) (It's specifically: Leicester)

MAY 16) SHEFFIELD (England)

Dylan and the band play the GAUMONT THEATER.

(Black: Afterwards 20 people gather in his suite.)

During the day they drive north from Leicester, through Nottingham, to Sheffield. The "LSD" photo and the "Nottingham Gates" photo are taken during this ride.

pages 46-47 (RM caption reads Sheffield) (It's actually Nottingham on both pages.)

pages 48-49 (RM caption, on page 47, reads Sheffield (It's actually Nottingham)

Location of the "LSD" i.e. Licensed Betting Office: 18A Castle Boulevard, Nottingham (halfway between Sheffield and Leicester)

This is what it looks like now. (To see the actual location in Google Street Views, click here.

pages 76-77 (RM caption reads: England) (It's specifically: The Nottingham Castle Gates)

Here are the gates today.

And here's a "PopSpot" of the scene made from Barry Feinstein's photograph in Real Moments. (To see the exact location in Google Street Views, click here.

To see our webpage of photos from 2016 of how PopSpots figured out where the photo of the gates was taken, click here.

MAY 17) MANCHESTER (England)

The group plays the FREE TRADE HALL in MANCHESTER (aka The Manchester Free Trade Hall).

This is the concert where an audience member shouts out "Judas" at Dylan for playing electric.

From Wikipedia: "Dylan's now-legendary confrontation with a heckler calling out "Judas" from the audience, was well documented as having occurred at Manchester's Free Trade Hall on May 17, 1966. After "Judas!," there is clapping, followed by more heckles. Dylan then says "I don't believe you," then after a pause, "You're a liar." Bob Dylan then said to his band, "play it fuckin' loud" as they begin "Like a Rolling Stone."*** At the end, the audience erupts into applause and Dylan says, "Thank you."

***ThIs is the generally accepted version and the one Martin Scorcese uses in No Direction Home." Dylan's drummer Micky Jones, in an interview on his "home movies" of the tour, thinks the phrase "play it fuckin' loud" was shouted not by Dylan who was only feet from him, but rather by a person with a British accent, possibly a member of the local crew hired for the event."

The Manchester Free Trade Hall - Exterior

The Manchester Free Trade Hall - Interior

Ticket Stub from the Manchester show.

Dylan and the Hawks - Manchester Free Trade Hall

Copyright 2002 Mark Makin. Published with permission from the photographer.

Mark Makin, a 17 year old music fan sitting in the fourth row with his friends, is assumed to be the only still photographer who took photos during the Manchester concert. To read more about Mark's experience, click here for a great article about that night from BBC News.

Dylan and the Hawks - Manchester Free Trade Hall

Copyright 2002 Mark Makin. Published with permission from the photographer.

Dylan and the Hawks - Manchester Free Trade Hall

Copyright 2002 Mark Makin. Published with permission from the photographer.

The concert in Manchester was bootlegged in the 1960's and the records were labelled inaccurately as "The Royal Albert Hall" concert. In 1998 Columbia released an offical CD of the Manchester Free Trade Concert as Live 1966 "The Royal Albert Hall Concert" The Bootleg Series Vol. 4. keeping the old title possibily for tradition's sake.

Columbia had recorded four of the 1966 concerts: Sheffield (May 16), Manchester (May 17), and both nights of the Royal Albert Hall conceerts (May 26 and May 27th), but the Manchester concert had the clearest sound.


MAY 19) Glasgow (Scotland)

(Black/Mojo: Dylan is in a checkered suit.

They play the ODEON THEATER

pages 62-63 (RM caption, on page 64, reads: Scotland) (It's specifically: Glasgow)

pages 112-113 (RM caption reads: Scotland) (It's specifically: Glasgow)

MAY 20) Edinburgh (Scotland)

The group plays the ABC THEATER.

pages 32-33 (RM caption reads: Scotland) (It's specifically: Edinburgh)

pages 110-111 (RM caption reads: Scotland) (It's specifically: Edinburgh, on Prince's Street )

pages 110-111 (Dylan is in front of 122 Prince's Street in Edinburgh. The building behind Dylan with the sign reading "Beauty Treatment" is #122 Princes Street, which was the J. Stewart - Hair + Chiropody . .)(researched by Marie Fotini and Frank Gray from Edinburgh.)

pages 110-111) Another view, showing old Edinburgh. (To see this exact spot in Google Street views, click: here.)

pages 74-75 (RM caption reads: Scotland) (It's specifically: Edinburgh - at the intersection of Shandwick Place and Canning Street - about 1/4 mile away from where the last photo on Princes Street was taken. )

The intersection of Shandwick Place and Canning Street. (thanks for Marie Fotini and Frank Gray of Edinburgh for finding this location.)

. . .and from further back. (To see this exact location in Google Street Views, click here.)

pages 84-85 - Although the RM caption, on page 86, reads: England, it's actually: Edinburgh, Scotland.

NOTE: In the photo Dylan is wearing the same white striped pants and beige turtleneck that he is pictured wearing in the shots right above taken in Edinburgh (see below for closeups of the beige turtleneck).

Though this photo is often said to have been taken before one of the Royal Albert Hall concerts in London, there are no pictures of Dylan wearing white striped pants while he was in London. Nor are there pictures of him wearing a beige turtleneck while in London.

This photo is also is the REAL MOMENTS cover shot.

Dylan wore white striped pants while in Edinburgh and when he flew from Newcastle Airport to Le Bourget Airport near Paris on the 22nd. He also wore them that night (the 22nd) when meeting up with the French singer Johnny Hallyday. But he is only pictured wearing white striped pants and a beige turtleneck together while he was in Edinburgh.

The inside of the limo/taxi Dylan is riding in, while the two fans peek in the window, is British and resembles other taxis Dylan took in England on his tour; a reason to preclude the photo from having been taken when Dylan arrived inFrance.

Here's a close up showing the beige turtleneck that Dylan is wearing in the picture above of him in the limousine.

This photo shows the beige turtlenek in a photo of Dylan on Princes Street in Edinburgh.

THis picture shows the bottom of the beige turtleneck hanging out from under Dylan's jacket in a close up of a photo from above where Dylan is on Shandwick Place in Edinburgh.

Here's another version of this shot taken by Barry Feinsein from page 57 of a book called Early Dylan with photos by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer, and Jim Marshall (Bulfinch Press).

. . . And another outtake of that photo sequence from a DVD video documtary of Barry Feinstein's work called Bob Dylan - World Tours - 1966-1974 - through the camera of Barry Feinstein (Prime Video).

pages 106-107 (RM caption, on page 104, reads: Edinburgh.)

MAY 21) NEWCASTLE (England)

Dylan and the group play the ODEON THEATER.

pages 68-69 (RM caption reads: Newcastle)

pages 34-35 (RM caption, on page 36, reads England. It's more specifically Newcastle)

pages 44-45 (RM caption reads: Newcastle CIty Hall)

pages 118-119 (RM caption reads: England) (It's specifically: Newcastle)

Dylan in Newcastle in color. (from a video)

MAY 22) - They fly to FRANCE

That night Dylan hangs out with French music star Johnny Hallyday.

pages 136-137 (RM caption reads: England (It's most likely Newcastle Airport as they are on their way to France.)

pages 96-97 (RM caption reads: Paris) (It's specifically Le Bourget Airport, Paris )

Another shot of Dylan and his entourage arriving at Le Bourget Aiport near Paris. (photo by Jean-Marie Pˇrier)

Dylan with Johnny Hallyday that evening. They are walking to a car outside 6 Place Winston Churchill in Neuilly, Paris.

MAY 23) PARIS - press conference at the Hotel George V.

pages 78-79 (RM caption, on page 80, reads: Hotel George V, Paris )

The press conference from another angle. (photo by Pierre Godot)

MAY 24 ) PARIS (France)

Dylan and the group play the L'OLYMPIA THEATER in Paris.

pages 80-81 (RM right caption reads: Backstage, Paris: (above and right). (It's more specifically: The L'Olympia Theater in Paris) Dylan is sitting with Francoise Hardy, a French singing star.

pages 132-133 (RM caption reads : Paris) (It's most likely after the show, back at the Hotel George V because of the fancy tablecloth. Dylan has changed to the white striped outfit. If the L'Olympia show was in the afternoon or at 6, it could be 8:30 pm and still daylight at the time of this party. The cake says "Bob" on the top. It's his 25th birthday.

pages 72-73 (RM caption reads: George V Hotel, Paris) (not sure if this is next morning (May 25th). Dylan is in the same suit as he was at the birthday party at the hotel the night before.

The view out Dylan's window from his suite at the Hotel George V., Paris.

pages 131-132 (RM caption, on page 128, reads : Paris). It's more specifically looking out at the The Grand Palais (behind the papparazzi), a large exhibit hall located alongside the large roadway known as Cours-de-la-Reine parallel to the Seine River.

This photo comparison by Marie shows how she determined that the classical building out the window was the Grande Palais, a large exhibition hall with a glass roof built in 1900)

pages 36-37 (RM caption, right, reads Paris) (it's more specifically: Backstage at the L'Olympia)

pages 120-121 (RM right caption reads: Paris) (it's more specifically likely to have been taken: Backstage at the L'Olympia

pages 20-21 (RM caption reads: Paris) (it's more specifically: Backstage at the L'Olympia)

pages 24-25 (RM caption reads: L'Olympia) It's backstage at the L'Olympia.

pages 38-39 (RM caption reads: L'Olympia, Paris)

pages 130-131 (RM caption, on page 132, reads: Paris) (It's more specifically: Paris: L'Olympia Theater)

Dylan had his crew find an enormous American flag and had them hang it behind the stage during the electric portion of the show, according to Clinton Heylin's book Bob Dylan: Behind the Shades, causing some negative catcalls from the French audience.

Here's a color shot of the flag that Dylan had put up in Paris. (a screencapture from a video via the Ray Padgett blog "Flagging Down the Double E's)

MAY 25) They fly back to England

(Black/Mojo: Dylan has an early morning limo ride with John Lennon around Hyde Park.)

Dylan with Lennon as they ride around Hyde Park.

Dylan with Lennon as they ride around Hyde Park.

May 26+27) LONDON (England)

Dylan and the band play the ROYAL ALBERT HALL on two nights.

The Royal Albert Hall from above. The concert hall, built in 1871, has a seating capacity of 5,272 people.

pages 42-43 (RM caption reads: Savoy Hotel, London)

pages 114-115 (RM caption reads: Savoy Hotel, London)

pages 134-135 (RM caption reads: Royal Albert Hall, London)

(Black/Mojo: On May 26th the Rollling Stones were in the audience; on May 27th the Beatles were in the audience.)

pages 40-41 (RM caption reads: Royal Albert Hall, London)

pages 64-65 (RM caption reads: Royal Albert Hall, London)

pages 66-67 (page 67 RM right caption reads: England); (It is specifically: The Royal Albert Hall, London)

pages 82-83 (RM caption reads: Royal Albert Hall, London)

pages 70-71 (RM caption reads: Royal Albert Hall, London, 1966

The subcaption, on page 72 of RM reads: "Bob and Albert leaving the Albert Hall for his hotel, the Mayfair. The show went really well and they were so happy. The Beatles came and there was a party after at the hotel; the Stones were there too. Dylan went to sleep."

May 28) (Black/Mojo: Bob and Sara fly to Spain for a vacation.)

ADDENDUM: The '66 Tour in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Barry Feinstein flew in to photograph Dylan and the Hawks as they began their dates in the U.K., Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Prior to that, the European part of the 1966 World Tour saw Dylan in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since we had already done PopSpots of those cities, I thought I would included them here.

April 29, 1966) Stockholm, Sweden.

Dylan is standing at 4-2 Spekten Grand at the intersecion of 10-8 Trangsund on the medieval island neighborhood of Gamia Stan ("The Old Town") in Stockholm, Sweden. (Dylan photo by Bjorn Larsson Ask.)

Here's the same location from further back.

May 1, 1966) Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Copenhagen concert was on May 1. They arrived in Copenhagen on April 30th, and on that day visited the Kronborg Castle - about an hour north of Copenhagen - where they took this shot.

Dylan is contemplating the castle in much the same way Hamlet might have, as Shakespeare set his play "Hamlet" here, calling it Elsinore Castle. ( "Elsinore" is actually the anglicised name of the surrounding town of Helsingor (Wikipedia) . (Dylan photo by Jan Peerson).

April 30th) Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dylan and Richad Manuel listen to a record on a portable record player in a hotel in Copenhagen.)

Photo by Jan Peerson as found on page 31 of the booklet for Bob Dylan: Live 1966.