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  PopSpots - Dylan in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England - 1965 Tour of England
  - from the film Don't Look Back by D. A. Pennebaker.

(from the film Don't Look Back by D. A. Pennebaker.)

Dylan looking into a music shop window from Don't Look Back. (1965)

A closer view.

From the paperback: Bob Dyan - Don't Look Back by D. A. Pennebaker.

The street is called Pudding Chare. It's located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. This is what it looked like in the 1960's and 1970's.

The name of the music/guitar stop was Jeavons. Dylan was standing close to where the man in the white shirt is walking in the photo.

A comparison to the film.

The modern day street. (From the blog "Sid Smith's Postcards from the Yellow Room.")

(photo by Sid Smith

A comparison from the film to modern day.

A map of Newcastle Upon Tyre showing Pudding Chare. (Google Street Views does not go down the street.)

JEAVONS music store mentioned on Google.

All research for this entry by Marie Fotini. Thanks, Marie.