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  Dylan - Kromborg Castle - Denmark - April 30, 1966

BOB DYLAN contemplates Denmark's Kronberg Castle, the Elsinore Castle of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," on April 30, 1966 during his 1966 world tour. (To find the spot, search for Kronberg Castle Denmark on Google Maps, then go to "satellite view," then look for the bridge on the north side over the moat.). . .The 16th-century castle is in a town called Helsingor (with a slash through the o) an hour's drive north of Copenhagen. The original photo of Dylan is by Jan Persson.

(photo: Jan Persson)

The 16th Century castle.

Dylan in contemplation.

A map of the castle in relation to Copenhagen.

The Castle from above, and Dylan's location.

Hamlet, Act One, Scene One, The Platform by the Sea at Elsinore.

Famous Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes Booth) as Hamlet, contemplating.