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  LOVE AND THEFT (2001) - BOB DYLAN - DAVE GAHR PHOTO SESSION - BROOKLYN - NOVEMBER 2000 - Prospect Park, Brighton Beach Boardwalk, Pitkin Avenue, & Coney Island.

The album cover.

(photo by Kevin Mazur)

The back of the CD cover.

(photo by David Gahr)

Dylan in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

(photo by David Gahr)

The interior of Meadowport Arch, Prospect Park, Brooklyn.


The tree in the background matches.

(To find this site: We knew the interior of the arch didn't match up with the arches we've researched in Central Park, so figuring from the other photos that the shoot was in Brooklyn, we looked in Prospect Park.)

Another view of the arch.

Again, with Mr. D.

The "Holy Mackerel / Magic Shoe Shop" photos.

This location took several years to find because of a lack of clues other than the mural behind Dylan.

We looked in a lot of books of images of grafitti and murals in Brooklyn, but nothing matched. Then someone put an outtake from the Dave Gahr photoshoot online that showed a movie theater marquee in the background - which led us to the location.

(photo by David Gahr)

(photo by David Gahr)

Dylan, kneeling.

(photo by David Gahr)

Dylan close up, leaning over.

(photo by David Gahr)

Dylan with the words "Magic Shoe Shop" behind him.

(photo by David Gahr)

This was the image from that shoot that someone put online that finally led us to the location. The marquee said "RKO Century."

(photo by David Gahr)

That led us to a similar photo which had also just come online

(photo by David Gahr)

Through the movie theater history website "Cinema Treasures" which descriptions and photos of over 58,000 movie theaters worldwide, we determined that it was the RKO Kingsway theater in Booklyn.

Before it closed in 2001 it had been turned into a quad and then into just one small theater with the rest of the building turning into stores. It was at this time that it was temporarily called RKO Century.

This other picture of the theater was also on Cinema Treasures.

(photo by David Gahr)

Knowing the name of the theater, Marie was able to find this vintage picture that showed that one entire exterior wall of the theater had been painted into a giant mural to look like seven smaller two-story buildings next to each other with retail stores on the bottom, and silhouettes of people on the long horizontal fire escape. (click to ENLARGE)

The theater had closed and most of the mural had gone in this photo. (cliick to enlarge)

Here's what the theater looks like now from above. It's now mainly a Walgreens drugstore. (click to ENLARGE)

The marquee would have been here. (click to ENLARGE)

Digging deeper into the web with the name of the theater, Marie found this photo for sale online. It showed the fish market with the HOLY MACKEREL sign on it that we were looking for. So I bought it for about $30. It is credited to Brian Merlos and labelled "Coney Island Avenue circa1980. ( click the photo to ENLARGE IT)

(photo by Brian Merlos)

Here's Dylan superimposed in front of the mural. (Click photo to ENLARGE IT)

(photo by David Gahr)

Here's a closer look. (click photo to ENLARGE IT).

(photo by David Gahr)

In this photo, we see, at left, the photo as it was before it was removed around 2010, and on the right, the sharper, more colorful way it looked about 2001. (click photo to ENLARGE it)

(photo of Dylan by David Gahr)

Anf finally, this photo compares the old picture from Cinema Treasures with the clear picture of the mural we found online. (click on photo to ENLARGE it)

"The Music Man: 21st century Dylan checks into a theatrical suppliers in Brooklyn. Portrait by David Gahr.

(photo by David Gahr)

The Window.

Long Shot: Party Plaza - Party Store - 1565 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.


From further back.

Party Plaza on a map.

(To find this site: Marie looked for the address of "theatrical suppliers Brooklyn." And this was the third that came up.)

Dylan along the Brighton Beach boardwalk, Brooklyn.

(photo by David Gahr)

The Boardwalk is called The Riegelmann Boardwalk. (Click the photo to ENLARGE it)

To see the roofed pavillion that Dylan is standing under in Google Street Views, click here.

The pavilion that Dylan was in.

The view from the Pavillion toward the Tatiana Restaurant.

(This photo was sent in by a German reader of PopSpots named Andy. I can't find your email, but I will add your whole name if you write me. Thanks - Bob.)

Dylan in front of the Tatiana Grille cafe.

(photo by David Gahr)

Out in front.

Another view of the Tatiana.

Dylan at the Balloon Water Race Game, Coney Island, Brooklyn.

(photo by David Gahr)

The Balloon Water Race Game.


Dylan in front of the "World's Smallest Woman" exhibit, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

(photo by David Gahr)

The Exhibit.


These final shots don't have backgrounds so they can't be PopSpotted, but they complete the photo session. First up, Dylan in a car.

(photo by David Gahr)

White Hat.

(photo by David Gahr)

Back cover of the CD

(photo by David Gahr)

Color image, hat.

(photo by David Gahr)

Medium shot.

(photo by David Gahr)


(photo by David Gahr)

Brooklyn neighborhood kids.

(photo by David Gahr)

Most of the research for this entry was done by Marie Fotini, PopSpot's Chief European Correspondent.