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"Hannah and Her Sisters is a 1986 American comedy-drama which tells the intertwined stories of an extended family over two years that begins and ends with a family Thanksgiving dinner.

The film was written and directed by Woody Allen, who stars along with Mia Farrow as Hannah, Michael Caine as her husband, and Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest as her sisters." (Wikipedia)


In the first Soho scene Elliot (Michael Caine) runs through Soho in order to "accidentally" run into Lee (Barbara Hershey).

You can see the entire 5-minute scene by clicking on the YouTube video below.

100) This webpage will show you all the various locations of the scene.

The Map below shows Lee's route in RED and Elliot's route in BLACK.

While Lee basically walks straight up one block, Eliot's path taks him all over Soho to get to where they meet.

After you've seen the pictures below, you'll understand the map better, when I show it again. And you'll see why even die-hard New Yorkers were confused by Elliot's circuitous path to bump into Lee.

(The numbers from 100 up for the photos are just my reference numbers for putting the photos in sequence.)

101) This is a quote from an e.e. cummings' poem. A book by the poet e.e. cummings features in this sequence.

102) Elliot is outside the door of 75 Grand Street, which is at the corner of Wooster Street, looking across the street at Lee's loft which is at 80-88 Grand Street.

103) 75 Grand Street.

103) In present day, here is where Elliot would have been standing.- 75 Grand Street at Wooster.

104) He looks at his watch, either impatiently or because he has timed Lee's actions and knows she will be coming out soon to go to her AA meeting.

105) Lee walks out of her apartment which is at 80-88 Grand Street - on the north side between Wooster St. and Greene Street. She heads east to the end of the block at Greene Street..

106) She continues walking.

107) She turns the corner and walks north up Greene Street toward Broome Street.

107b) This is what Hannah's loft building - 80-88 Grand Street between Wooster St. and Greene St. - looks like today.

107a) This shot is from later in the film but, in the back left, shows the scaffolding under which Elliot has been spying on Lee.

108) Elliot turns around and runs toward Wooster Street. He's planning to run north up Wooster Street and meet Lee when she arrives a block north at Broome Street.

So, in effect he just has to run one block north and one block east to meet her.

But since every movie likes a chase scene, the director, Woody Allen, stretches out the scene by showing Elliot running in different sports all over Soho before he meets Lee a block and a half away on Broome and Greene.

109) Elliot starts to cross Grand Street.

109b) The building in the far distance with the double row of windows is still there but obscured by a more modern building.

110) Here he is in the middle of Grand Street.

111) He reaches the northest corner of Grand and Wooster.

113) He runs offscreen up the east side of Wooster Street. We can read the sign for Canal Lumber at 72 Canal Street. That building has now been replaced.

113a) Here's what the intersection of Grand and Wooster looks like today.

114) We cut to Elliot now an entire block north, running north along Wooster just above the corner of Broome Street. In real life if Elliot wanted to run into Lee on Broome Street, he'd have headed east on Broome.

115) He continues running north along Wooster next to the building that is the the northeast corner of Wooster and Broome.

115a) Here he is on modern day Wooster Street.

116) He continues up the block on Wooster.

117) And again continues up the block on Wooster. He's now next to 62 Wooster, north of Broome, south of Spring.

117) Here's where he was on modern day Wooster Street.

118) We cut back to Lee. She is halfway up Greene Street north of Grand Street where she had turned the corner. She is walking toward Broome Street.

The sign above her reads "Eastern Doll" (company) and the address is seen as 37-43 Green Street. (Most lots in New York City were originally 25 feet wide. So this means the building takes up the spaces of 4 lots which had street numbers of 37, 39, 41, and 43 Greene Steet. So the building is 100 feet wide.)

118) Here is where she was in present day Greene Street.

119) Elliot has magically gotten to the southeast corner of Broome and Mercer - several blocks from where we last saw him. In this shot he crosses Broome Street as he runs north up Mercer Street.

He is actually running away from Lee!

The big building behind him runs along the south side of Broome from Mercer to Broadway.

120) Elliot reaches the northeast corner of Mercer and Broome.

121) He continues up Mercer Street. This is the side of 450 Broome Street (where I lived in my friend Al's 4th floor loft/photography studio when I first moved to New York City in 1977).

121b) Here Elliot is running on modern day Mercer Street past 450 Broome Street.

122) Lee has reached the intersection of Greene and Broome and has crossed the street (past the south side of Broome where she will later bump into Elliot). She is now passing 470 Broome Street which is on the northwest corner of Greene and Broome. The store there today is called Eden Fine Art.

When we next see Lee, she will have backtracked back down Greene and is about to cross the street mid-block. This scene was added to drag out the length of her walk and maybe also to show the cool twited metal artwork on the door.

123) She continues north on Greene . . .

123a) Here she in on the modern day corner of Greene and Broome.

125) Elliot is now running north on Wooster Street and about to hit the corner of Spring Street - which is a block north of where he will eventually bump into Lee.

126) Here he turns onto Spring and starts running east.

127) He continues east.

128) And continues to mid-block.

128a) Here's Elliot running around a modern view of that corner.

129) Back to Lee. She is walking up Greene again, just a little north of the Eastern Doll factory where we saw her earlier. She is between Grand and Broome walking north.

130) She starts to cross the street. . .

131) . . and continues across the street, deep in thought.

131) Here's a modern day look of Lee as she crosses Greene Street just south of Broome.

132) She reaches the northeast corner of Greene and Broome and begins to look up. . .

133) . . . and who should she bump into, but Elliot, mysteriously not breathing heavily, even though he has run about 1/4 mile in a heavy coat. That's the magic of movies.

134) They converse.

135) And talk more.

135a) Here's where they were in modern day at the northeast corner of Greene and Broome. The door area directly behind Elliot was opened up in recent years and the entrance door moved.

136) As Elliot leans forward we can see a sign in back of him for the Best Seal Corporation. The address matches at 54 Greene Street.

138) They start to walk east along Broome Street.

139) . . . and continue. . .

140) . . . and continue. To the left of Elliot's head you can see the words "465" and "Broome" painted in white on the door.

141) They continue . . .

141a) Here they are on modern day Broome Street . . .

141b) . . . and here they are from a little further back for a little more perspective.

142) Lee remembers a "bookstore nearby" (which turns out to actually be about 3/4 mile north - near Astor Place) - and they decide to visit it together.

The number "463" (Broome) can be seen stenciled on a column to the left of Elliot.

143) They start off . . .

144) . . . and move offscreen.

144) This is where Soho is located on a map of Manhattan. While most of the buildings have been reburbished and are now filled with expensive shops, at the time of the movie the area was a run down area of old manufacturing lofts that was just being discoved by artists looking for large spaces to work and live in.

144) This map shows Lee's route in RED and Elliot's route in BLACK.

The clips of Elliot running through Soho begin at #1 and end at #5 where they "bump" into each other.

Elliot could just have gone one block up Wooster and taken a right on Broome to meet Lee, but to add a little excitement and drama to the scene, Elliot's path has him running through various parts of Soho, jumping whole blocks in the process.

145) The scene then cuts to the inside of a used bookstore. It's the former Pageant Book and Print Shop (a.k.a. The Pageant Bookstore) which was located on 109 East 9th Street between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue.

That would make it 16 blocks or 8/10ths of a mile north of where they were on Broome Street. a 20-minute walk. This is not exactly "a couple blocks from here" as Lee says, but still a reasonable distance to walk in New York.

The space is now a bar called The Central Bar.

146) They look through the stacks.

147) Elliot decies to buy Lee a copy of a book by the poet e. e. cummings (who often wrote his hame in small letters). He's holding the book in his hands. You may remember that the beginning of this whole section of the movie was introduced by a line from an e. e. cumming poem: "nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands."

148) This is a picture of the e. e. cummings book he's holding: COMPLETE POEMS 1913-1962 E. E. Cummings (they used capital letters). e. e. cummings lived in Greenwich Village.

149) They look at the book.

150) They leave the Pageant Bookstore at 109 East Ninth Street.

151) Lee goes off in a taxi.

152) Elliot watches Lee's departure.

152) Here's where that scene took place in modern day: The Central Bar, 109 East 9th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues in the East Village.

Here's a bit of trivia. See the gray building on the right? That's an apartment house called the St. Marks located at 115 East 9th Street. For several years it was the home of Joey Ramone, lead singer of the Ramones.

152) Here's where the Pageant Bookstore was in relation to when they walked from in Soho.


153) Later in the film Elliot has taken a rock star (Daniel Stern) to Lee's loft (pictured earlier at 80-88 Grand Street), which she shares with her boyfriend - a sensitive painter played by Max Von Sydow. They are there to possibly buy some paintings, but it doesn't work out well, and they abruptly leave. This is the rock star's limo.

In the back left we can see the scaffolding under which Elliot was hiding at the beginning of the earlier sequence. Now, the columns have been painted red and there is no dumpster outside.

154) The rock star is next to the limo. He is played by Daniel Stern who played a comical "bad guy" in the "Home Alone" series. Elliot comes out with a headache because he had impulsively tried to kiss Lee in the apartment and almost got caught by Max Von Sydow.

155) Elliot tells the rock star that he needs some air and will walk home.

156) He starts to cross Grand Street .

157) He crosses the street toward a phone booth, placed there for the scene. The phone booth is at the southwest corner of Grand and Greene streets.

157a) Here's what that corner looks like in modern day.

158) Elliot makes a call. In the background we can see the northeast corner of Grand and Greene

A sign for CHARNEY PAPER AND TWINE which was located at 59 Wooster St. can be seen in the back left.

158a) Here's that same corner in modern day.

159) Elliot leaves the phone booth, The camera pans and the shot is now looks north on Greene Street.

Lee has come out of her apartment and confronts Elliot at the southwest corner of Grand and Greene. An NYU building on Houston Street is in the distance.

A sign for ZELL TOOL & DIE WORKS, which was located at 55 Green Street can be seen in the back right.

159a) Here's that corner in modern day.

160) They talk about what transpired moments ago.

161) He asks her is she has some feeling for him and, after some hesitation, she ultimately says "yes."

162) She leaves. Elliot watches. He is pleased that he might have chance with her. This is at Grand and Greene.


163) Mickey (Woody Allen) visits Holly (Diane Wiest) at her apartment at 535 East 72nd Street.

The series of three bright red doors that they walked by intrigued me, since I had never seen them before. The number of the door they walked out of was 530-something, and it looked like the Upper East side so I Googled "53* East * Street. . .New York " and the result showed 530+ address (531, 532, etc,) in several streets. When I went to 530 block of 72nd Street on Google Street Views, I found the buildings.

They are a series of eight 125-year-old tenement houses all joined together, but instead of an entrance per tenement, there are 4 wide entrances that serve two tenements each .

The street numbers of the four doors are: 527, 531, 535, and 541 East 72nd Street. Just to their right is the FDR Drive (Below) and the East River.

Here are Mickey and Holly superimposed over a modern day photo at 535 East 72nd Street..

Here's a write-up about the buildings from Street Easy.

In this next scene Woody and DIane Wiest are eating in a Jackson Hole restaurant.

Above Diane's head you can see the number "15" on an awning. That would mean that that building was either the first block EAST of Fifth Ave or the first block WEST of Central Park West, since all uptown numbers start from those places.

In the phone book from 1969 there was a listing for a Jackson Hole restaurant at 1270 Madison Ave. at 91st Street, which is a block east of Central Park. That turned out to be the right one.

There are dozens of other New York City locations in this film that you can visit or see online using Google Street View. And there are several websites that list many of the locations, including On The Set of New York and The Woody Allen Pages.

You can find these and similar sites by doing a Google Search for "Movie Locations Hannah and Her Sisters."

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My book "POP CULTURE NEW YORK CITY" by Robert Egan also has maps and addresss to hundeds of movie locations in NYC. It's available on Amazon and most NYC bookstores.