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PopSpots is a website about those places where interesting events in the history of Pop Culture took place; primarily album cover shots, places where movies and tv shows were filmed, and sites on which paintings were based.

Many are from Manhattan, where I live. Manhattan is constantly being torn down and rebuilt anew, and I'm trying to find these places while they are still around.

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Bob Egan / Creator, researcher, web producer

Marie Fotini / Chief European Correspondent, researcher

  Bob Dylan - Paris Balcony - 2009 by Sam Jones

    You can click twice on the photos to fully expand them. Then click the left arrow (back page) to get back.

This picture of Dylan by Sam Jones accompanied an article in Rolling Stone in April 2009. Marie Fotini, who lives in France, tracked down the location and took several photos of the building.

Here's where Dylan was leaning on the railing. A fourth-floor window at a residential building called 1 Place Rio de Janeiro in Paris.

Here's a close-up.

During the same photo session, the photographer, Sam jones, took some pictues of Dylan inside the apartment, playing a guitar, and looking kind of deep in thought. Here's one:

Noted Dylan historian Clilnton Heylin used is on the cover of one of his recent books.

This was the cover of the issue of Rolling Stone the photos were in. Sam Jones took the cover shot at the same shoot.

Here's the shot Sam Jones took of Dylan that Rolling Stone used.

Here is a shot of Dylan in the room from inside the Rolling Stone issue.

Note how, in this picure, the fireplace behind Dylan is being renovated. In most pictures of Dylan in this room, they avoided showing that.

This is not the exact room where Dylan was photographed, because the ironwork outside does not match the Dylan photos. It's either the floor above or below where Dylan was photographed. But it's basically the same look.

But just for fun we made a PopSpot of Sam Jones' picture of Dylan in the middle of it.

To find the location, first Marie went online and found this photo of Dylan with the words "Parc Monceau" listed under the photograph. That was the first clue.

Then she found this outtake from the session that showed a series of balconies behind Dylan, as well as a side street at a small angle from the front of the building. There were also awnings on the stores down on the side street.

Then came the toughest (but most fun) part of the search. Using Google Street Views, she searched all the streets in the vicinity of Parc Monceau looking for just the perfect combination of a building with decorative wrought-iron-railed balconies, an angled street below, and stores with various angled awnings.

Finally she found it at Rio de Janiero Place, an intersection two blocks south of Parc Monceau. "Voila!"

Here's the building in Google Street view.

Soon, she visited the site. This is a picture of the building that Marie took in October of 2015. The address is 1 Rio De Janeiro, Paris.

And here it is from across the street through some gates that lead to a small park that connects to the larger Parc Monceau.. (photo: Marie Fotini)

And a close-up of the window, 2nd from left in the middle row of windows. (photo: Marie Fotini).

The name of the building is 1 Rio de Janiero Place. It is located on Rio De Janiero Place which is the name of the interesction where Rue de Lisbonne crosses Rue de Monceau.

Here's where it is on a larger map of Paris.

Sam Jones, the photographer, on getting the assignment and taking the pictures:

On his website (samjonespictures.com) Sam Jones, very much a Dylan fan, was called out of the blue by the photography director of Rolling Stone magazine who said, "I need you to shoot Bob Dylan for me. It's a cover, but before you say "yes," it has to be in Paris."

That was ok with Jones who wrote, "I found a great old empty apartment in the 8th arrodissement with original wood floors and moulding. It seemed like a place where Arthur Rimbaud could have sat in front of the fire with a bottle of wine."

He took the cover shot first, then asked if he could shoot Dylan with a guitar (which someone had brought). Dylan then sat down in a chair and strummed as Jones got his shots. Jones writes: "I just signaled the crew to be quiet and for the next 15 minutes, I guietly photographed the greatest songwriterr of the 20th Century playing guitar and singing in a Paris apartment."

Au revoir, Bob!